The 10 Worst Examples of Government and Business Getting Too Close

The most common critique that you’ll hear in regard to the Occupy Wall Street protests is that the protestors’ message is jumbled and incoherent.  They haven’t been able to coalesce around one specific set of policies, grievances or even enemies.  The common rebuttal is that it doesn’t matter, the protests are the expression of America’s generalized frustration with terrible economic conditions, and they want something done about it.  But perhaps there’s a third, more terrifying force behind the protests.  Perhaps there are just so many things going wrong that it is impossible to express the myriad grievances in even an extended rant about how poor people should shut up and be thankful that at least they have a refrigerator.

One of the more salient critiques that has emerged from the protests is the idea that private business, whose chief motivations include sucking out your soul through your skull, is getting a little too close to a government that is supposed to protect and serve us.  So in the interest of delineating some of the unaccountably numerous problems Americans should have with the current state of affairs, here are 10 of the worst examples of businesses sidling up to government in bed and savagely beating it while exclaiming “You think I like this?! Why do you make me do this?!”

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