The 10 Most Innovative Drone Applications Today

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Little known fact: the US government started experimenting with unmanned aerial vehicles (better known today as drones) back in 1917. Today they’re a multi-billion dollar industry, but they’ve yet to truly take off commercially in the U.S. Due to safety and privacy concerns, the FAA has yet to establish comprehensive rules for domestic drone use. Perhaps this is warranted, as there have been 25 near wrecks with commercial airlines since June of 2014. But there are exceptions to the current FAA ban, and widespread drone use is creeping ( or droning, if you will) ever closer. The FAA was set to provide guidelines for commercial drone use last year, but has instead opted to provide exceptions to their ban for a number of companies, and plans on releasing drone regulations by 2017. This has led to some pretty innovate drone uses in a variety of industries. Here are ten of the most innovative applications of drones today.

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