CEOs Are Not Necessarily Leaders

Businessweek has an article about the difference between CEOs and leaders. The author blames business journalists for part of the problem.

…the media and business need to do a better job spotlighting truly great leaders in Corporate America, such as Xerox's Anne Mulcahy or Southwest Airlines' Gary Kelly, to present a more accurate picture of today's chief executives.

Imagine the lubrication we could add to our business and economic engines if society recognized that the vast majority of CEOs are honorable leaders driven by more than the prospect of personal gain. That's why we must make sure that CEOs' values are considered on par with their business results. The alternative is to allow the bullies of business to define our world and ourselves, harming us all in the bargain.

I agree, but the flip side of the argument is that the media is just giving people what they want to read – sensationalism.

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