CEOs vs. PR People

Chief Executive has a post up by a journalist explaining why he hates dealing with PR people. He gives the following example press release as a major reason:

[MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Feb. 27, 2006] – ASURYS™ and RFID4U™ have recently partnered to offer CompTIA RFID certification training. There is an increasing need for education and certification around RFID technology, but most training companies have put their certification training on-hold until CompTIA's new RFID certification exam is released this spring. ASURYS and RFID4U are offering this certification training in spite of the exam closure

PR bashing starts in the comments, then turns into a bit of journalist bashing. But, in the midst of it all are a few good points and a sort of Cluetrain-ish discussion about the role of PR in a company. If you like that kind of think you should check it out.

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