Charlie Sheen is now a pitchman for a London based condom company

Charlie Sheen and Lelo Hex condoms

London based sex toy company, Lelo, has signed up actor Charlie Sheen as the brand ambassador for a new condom line called Lelo Hex.

Sheen announced in a TV interview last year that he is HIV positive.

In his new endorsement spot the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star talks about the issue some people have with using condoms.

“I think people associate the word ‘condom’ with less pleasure, with less connection,” he says. “What may feel like five seconds of inconvenience, or a halted, or thwarted moment can absolutely prevent a lifetime of potential grief and suffering.”

Sheen also says some people have a “fantasy belief” that they will never contract a sexually-transmitted disease or infection.

“I pretty much felt the same way: That’s stuff for other people,” Sheen says.

The TV and film star also talks about the reaction people had to his HIV positive news.

Sheen said in an interview last year he publicly admitted he had HIV had he spent “enough to take it into the millions” from people who were blackmailing him over his disease.

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In the Lelo video, Sheen suggests discovering he had the disease has led to him cutting back on his famous rock and roll lifestyle.

Indeed, Sheen also told  “Extra’s” AJ Calloway that he has changed his lifestyle to stay healthier. “Exercise, diet… don’t go on benders anymore, don’t drink as much … It was the combination of a lot of the self-loathing a lot of the shame behind it that I just wanted to keep myself divorced from reality… I just woke up one day and said, ‘I deserve better.'”

Sheen says he has tried the condom.

Here’s the endorsement spot:

Written by Jeff Springer

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