Chelsea Clinton Wedding Costs Up to $5 mil of…Taxpayer Money?

Image: Kyle Cassidy

The Chelsea Clinton-Marc Mezvinsky wedding planned for this Saturday will cost up to an estimated $5 million. The NY Daily News has the breakdown:

Tents (with glass walls and climate control): $600,000

Flowers $500,000

Photographer/videographer $40,000

Security $200,000 (this includes shutting down the airspace over the wedding)

Music (including sound system) $40,000

Toilets $15,000

“The Clintons would opt, fittingly, for the Presidential Series Luxury Washrooms, which are equipped with vanities for the ladies, sinks with hot water, marble interior, air conditioning, skylights and flushing toilets, plus plenty of paper products and soap,” says Keri Ross at Room To Go, Inc. “They would need three.” Add a male and female attendant in each trailer ($55 per hour), and another trailer for the serving staff ($900).

Wedding planner $200,000

Booze $30,000

Food (wedding & afterparty) $125,000

Wedding dress $25,000

If Bill is paying for the wedding, as is customary, does that mean that the wedding is essentially funded by the taxpayer money he collected during his career in public service?

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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