Chipotle is shutting down all of its restaurants on February 8


Chipotle will shut down all of its restaurants on February 8 for a few hours to hold staff meetings regarding food safety.

Chipotle has suffered from several outbreaks of E. coli , salmonella and norovirus that poisoned customers and caused the company’s stock to fall by more than 30% over the past three months.

64 customers in Minnesota were infected with Salmonella in August and about 100 people were infected by norovirus in southern California.

Those infections were followed by an E. coli outbreak in October and November that affected 53 people in nine states.

In December, Chipotle suffered from two more outbreaks. Roughly 140 students at Boston college were infected with norovirus and a second new incidence of E. coli broke out affecting five people in three states.

The company expects sales to drop by 8% for the fourth quarter. It will released financial’s on February 2.

“We know that Chipotle is as safe as it’s ever been before,” CEO Steve¬†Ellis said on January 13 at a conference in Orlando.

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The company will close down 1,900 restaurants, including 17 outside the US, to make sure employees fully understand food safety.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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