Citibank Sues the All Citi Pawn Shop for Trademark Infringement


Citigroup is suing New York’s All Citi Pawn Shop for appropriating its logo. This is after they buy a new corporate Falcon jet. Do you hate these guys yet? CNN Money reports:

You would think that Citigroup had enough on its plate these days, but that hasn’t stopped the financial behemoth from filing a copyright infringement suit against a Brooklyn, New York, pawnshop over a similar logo.

In the suit filed last week in Brooklyn federal court, Citigroup alleges that in using the same Citi abbreviation and red arc as its banking subsidiary, Citibank, All Citi Pawn has infringed on their trademark. Citigroup is seeking all of the business’ profits since it adopted the All Citi name.

“What can I tell you? Its crazy. They’re going wild for a little art that I put up. Theirs is a moon shape, mine is a V-shape, but I’ve already taken it down,” pawn shop manager Bob Kay told CNN.

When contacted, Citgroup (C, Fortune 500) would say only that “as a matter of course, we work to protect the value of our trademarks.”

  • Yes I do hate them and most of the wall street focused banks. They give modernity a bad rep! What happened to fair play and good sportsmanship? I hope this country survives Boomeritis economics!

  • dnowspeed

    I can’t believe Citigroup is actually spending time fighting over such a petty matter, to read more about Citibank click here