Co-workers Sue Over $207m Lottery Win

From the Women on the Web:

Four city workers — who had been polling their money in the office pot for nearly five years under the verbal agreement that they’d all share the winnings — were out of the office and unavailable to contribute to the office pool for a drawing last month that resulted in a $207 million payoff. The four planitiffs are suing 15 co-workers who are keeping the $207 million Mega Millions lottery winnings all to themselves.

If they contributed for five years, they deserve it. Those other coworkers need to cough up.

  • That is just so wrong. If they were legitimately in the pool, and they legitimately missed the pool for some unforeseen reason like job training, or a field trip or something, then they should be included. And those 15 people who are holding back need to seriously reevaluate the situation and think about how they would want to be treated had the same thing happened to them.

    Then again, this could just be some greedy coworkers who are pissed and bitter about other peoples good fortune and want a slice of the pie.

    Either way, people suck.

  • Wow. That puts new meaning in the old phrase “you snooze, you lose”!

  • Edward J. Price

    Pffft, you should only get paid if you show up for work.

    Slackers should have been present.

  • Diggy

    I think you should only be paid if you threw money on it. I would still give them something though… maybe 500,000 a peice or so.


    I mean c’mon, if they had been pooling FOR FIVE YEARS and these people missed ONE TIME that’s pretty messed up of these greedy 15 if you ask me. I mean after taxes and everything 19 people would get 5 million each. Those other 15 people should rot in hell for such extreme GREED. Money changes everything. I would sue them as well. I hope they won!