Comcast is now giving customers 1,000 GB data cap

Comcast 1000 GB data cap

Comcast attempted a 300 gigabyte month cap recently and that experiment led the company to realize that 1,000GB was a better data cap number for the average Comcast customer.

300 GB’s would have given customers enough data to watch 100 hours of HD movies on Netflix.

With 1 terabyte customers can now stream about 700 hours of video and download 60,000 high-resolution photos each month. The company says 16 people could simultaneously play online video games every hour the entire month long without going over their data limit.

Customers who still need more data will still be offered an unlimited plan option but they will be forced to pony up $50 instead of the previous $30.

The new data cap and unlimited data price will take effect on June 1.

The company says 99% of customers “do not come close” to using a full terabyte of data. In fact, only 8% of Comcast customers went over the old 300 GB data cap each month.

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A typical Comcast customer uses closer to 60 GB per month or just 6% of the new data cap.

Comcast says it is still in trials for its data caps, and it has not yet rolled them out across the country. Right now only 12% of customers are subject to data caps.

The company’s main competitors are also testing their own data caps to find a sweet spot for profitability and customer demands.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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