Common Liberal Mistakes

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Common Liberal Mistakes

Jane Galt has some interesting points about why liberals so often support government interevention in the economy, and why it rarely works. I particularly like the two quotes below:

Many, many of the arguments on this site seem to be very well meaning liberals saying fervently "But don't you see there's a problem?" and me saying, equally earnestly, "The fact that there is a problem does not mean that government is able to fix it."The liberal mantra is that the market fails. The free market mantra is that government fails worse. And I think the weight of empirical evidence is on our side.

It sort of reminds me of that quote that "democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the rest". Unfortunately in life, sometimes there is no right answer, there is no solution, and therefore there is no utopia.

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  • Darryl McClain
    April 24, 2009 at 10:41 am

    It is difficult to agree that government fails worse than the market considering the state of the economy. Unless you believe the myth that government intervention caused banks and Fannie Mae to issue the loans that defaulted and resulted in the economic decline, I am hard pressed to see a bigger fail than greedy corporations from Enron to present, subprime lenders, credit default swap issuers, companies reporting profits and shady bookkeeping, etc, etc, etc.

    A liberal, I don’t think government intervention is the answer.

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