Common Themes in Low-Brow Advertising

We see it at the SuperBowl every year. Low-brow advertising. The kind of advertising that appeals to our most basic human instincts. Often to sell completely unrelated products or services. Apparently it works.

At BusinessPundit, we’ve taken a look at advertising from several interesting angles. Banned Commercials. Sexist Ads. Advertisement Fails. Product Placement. And even Subversive Ads. The common theme: advertisers try, and often fail, to exploit basic human emotions in an attempt to get sales.

But you see… many ad campaigns fail. So marketing companies are especially tempted to go with low-brow advertising on high-risk spots, such as the SuperBowl. That’s why we see the same basic commercial structure year over year. Horses selling beer. Babies selling investment brokers. And patriotism selling cars. It all works. And maybe it all works a little too well.

Here’s a pretty good infographic from Top Marketing Schools that takes a look at common themes in Low-Brow Advertising:

The Art of Low-Brow Advertising
From: Top Marketing Schools

They did a pretty good job of getting the major themes in low-brow advertising. What do you think? Were there any obvious ones they missed?

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