Companies Americans Hate But Investors Love

Depending on who you ask, investing has one objective: to make as much money as possible. Others would say that we have a social responsibility to invest in socially responsible companies. Whatever your belief, the truth is, some of the companies that investors absolutely love (because there returns are reliably strong) are the same companies that the average American hates. Businesses that fit this mold include: Phillip Morris, WalMart and Bank of America.

America's Most Hated Companies (That Investors Love)
Source: Great Business Schools

At the same time, many businesses that Americans love are companies that investors need to be careful with. They may be way over-valuated or have an unsustainable business model. Companies that fit this mold include Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

The important thing is to not just invest in a company because it’s popular. And if you have moral qualms with the way a company is run, consider that there are plenty of other strong companies to choose from.

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