Compassionate Capitalism?

Is that what this is?

The first card Hallmark created for Discover in late 2001 featured a painting of a stream in a wooded area. Inside the card said, "I don't know about you, but I find that life often takes sudden turns, many times without warning. Please know that at Discover Card we understand life's unexpected detours and are dedicated to serving you in any way we can. Give us a call so we can work through this together."

Scott Robinette, president of Hallmark Loyalty, a division of the Kansas City-based greeting card company that helps businesses retain customers, said Discover has taken a bad situation and put a good spin on it.

"Discover didn't want to alienate those customers just because something has come up potentially that has made it difficult for them to pay," Robinette said. "You know, we've all been there probably at one form or time in our life, where we got behind in making payments."

Or maybe it is just good business. Imagine that, a company and a consumer both receiving a benefit. Some people in this world think that isn't possible. You have to love the power of NonZero.

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