Computer scientist Craig Steven Wright claims to have built bitcoin

Craig Steven Wright

Australian computer scientist Craig Steven Wright has publicly come out to identify himself as “Satoshi Nakamoto,” founder of the widely-used cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Wright has now told the BBC, the Economist and GQ that he is the founder of the Bitcoin standard.

The computer scientist has also published a blog post that he says includes cryptographic proof for the claim.

Bitcoin was created in 2009, but the identity of its founder has remained a closely guarded secret. The creator used the name “Satoshi Nakamoto,” but many experts have assumed the moniker was a pseudonym.

While several investigations attempted to uncover the founder of the network, their attempts were unsuccessful.

The blog published by Wright on Monday seeks to remove all doubts of his ownership of the crypto-currency.  In it, the computer scientist claims to verify the cryptographic keys to a key Bitcoin “block,” or group of transactions, that dates to the early days of the currency.

Two leading Bitcoin developers, Jon Matonis and Gavin Andersen, came forward on Monday, backing Wright’s claims.

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Andersen is the chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation and he says Wright demonstrated the supposed verifications keys to him at a meeting in London a couple of weeks ago.

“After spending time with him I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt: Craig Wright is Satoshi,” he said in a blog post.

Matonis, who is the founding director at Bitcoin Foundation, said he was also convinced Wright was the founder of Bitcoin. He made that conclusion after attending a private “proof” session.

Some skeptics say the proof that Wright has provide has been around for some time. They also say the cryptographic keys within his blog post have been backdated.

“The page copies a signature out of the Bitcoin Blockchain from 2009,” said Greg Maxwell, the chief technology office at Blockstream, a Bitcoin startup.

At this time Wright is not responding to requests for more information.

For now we’ll call this a “possibly” discovery of the Bitcoin founder, but much like the Economist, we are not yet convinced he created the popular digital currency standard.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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