Congress Members Who Do Not Support Our Troops

According to a "best of the web" email I get, this vote tally shows that there are some members of congress who don't support our troops. An excerpt:

This was not a pro-war resolution, just a show of support for the troops. Along with Rangel, the following members, all Democrats, voted "no":

John Conyers (Mich.)
Mike Honda (Calif.)
Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Ohio)
Barbara Lee (Calif.)
Jim McDermott (Wash.)
Bobby Scott (Va.)
Fortney "Pete" Stark (Calif.)
Edolphus Towns (N.Y.)
Maxine Waters (Calif.)
Diane Watson (Calif.)

In addition, 21 Democrats, including presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, voted "present," which we guess means they can't decide if they're for or against America's troops. Also voting "present" was Republican Ron Paul, the isolationist feather of the GOP.

By our count, 23 members of the Congressional Black Caucus–a clear majority–voted either "no" or "present" on the resolution. This goes a long way in explaining why so few black candidates are able to win statewide office in America. Racial gerrymandering produces districts that elect black candidates who are so far to the left that they cannot even bring themselves to endorse a simple expression of patriotism during wartime.

One encouraging sign: Denise Majette of Georgia and Artur Davis of Alabama both voted "yes." Both are black Democrats who defeated far-left anti-Semites (Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hillard, respectively) in primaries last year.