Connect on LinkedIn?

I've been part of LinkedIn for a couple of years now, but never found it particularly useful until recently. The site has gotten better and better and I've used it quite a bit in the last few months. I'm building out my network a bit more, so if you are a regular reader, please feel free to connect to me. You can sign up for free.

UPDATE: If you need to contact me directly, it's rob@(insert-this-domain-name-here).com

  • Amit

    Hi Rob,

    I have been a long time reader and soon to be a US Bschool student. Learnt quite a bit from BusinessPundit. I wanted to connect to you, but couldnt get introduced. The only other way is to send you an email through linkedIn. Can you please send your email id.


  • K Hiemstra

    Agree with your comment that LinkedIn is getting bettter slowly. I’ve found it particularly useful for tracking down those “somewhat lost” contacts. The only part I’ve found is getting worse is their ever more intrusive pitches to upgrade to their premium service. These are getting harder and harder to get around.

  • Rob
    What do you think has changed? More people? People NOW know how to use it? Its expanded capability? I know the community evangelist out there, who would probably like your opinion on it. I’ll send you guys an introduction email.