Consumer Issues and Investors

Interesting post from Barry Ritholtz about his experience with tech purchases.

That was my record for tech purchases during the 2004 holiday season. My wife's laptop arrived in perfect shape, worked great right out of the box. That was pretty much where the streak ended — at one…

These experiences intrigued me — I just had to laugh at 1 for 5 — so I started asking around. What I heard from friends, family, and several hundred readers from Real Money and Dave Farber's Interesting People list was that I wasn't the only one having a "funky" time with consumer tech orders. More than a few of you had horror stories, which you gladly shared. I got quite the earful from you guys. After reading hundreds of emails (you can see them all here), I discovered a few interesting things. For a guy with a mostly technical/quant predilection, I did a lot of pure fundamental research. This is an admittedly unscientific survey.

One of the findings of Barry's "research" – consumers hate rebates. It just hit me that I don't think I have ever blogged about rebates as a retail strategy. Honestly, I'm not sure what I think about them. I'll have to work on a post.

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