Consumer Power in Action

Sugarmama proves once again that the real power of an economy lies with the consumer. Facing a parking problem in a popular area, she decides to vote with her feet.

Nevertheless, my only form of restitution in this matter is to stop being a patron of Southside businesses. And that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to help perpetuate the decline in that area by avoiding it altogether. When the Southside business owners can learn how to get along and make their area a community, then I will return.

When you spend money, that is your "vote," economically speaking. When you disagree with a company on something, product quality, customer service, social issues, environmental practices, even political donations, stop patronizing them. Chances are you can live without whatever it is they make. Vote against them by taking your money elsewhere. It's much more effective than whining. It's the way economies are supposed to work.

UPDATE: Ryan had a similar experience with Citibank.