Consumer Warning Network’s “Produce the Note” Helps Stave off Foreclosures

This Consumer Warning Network interview let people in on a trick that helps them forestall foreclosure. The recipe is simple: Just ask the bank to show you the original mortgage papers. In light of exotic transactions, banks can be remarkably slow in doing this:

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  • Edward Hadnott

    If you are in foreclosure and have a copy of your appraisal we may be able to help. We charge $300.00 to review said appraisal which the lender is responsible for. If your appraisal is fradulent it may give you cause in your foreclosure case.

  • j

    I did not use them but my home was in foreclosure for two years, we basically paid until it would come out of foreclosure, finally after 2 years of this back and forth with the mortgage company they sold our loan to a company in India.

    We went to a Citizen Group and they represented us for Free, we finally got the new mortgage company to agree to lower our payments for the next 5 years and drop our interest rate 3 points.

    Keep fighting if you live in NJ I might be able to give you someone who can help you, just email me

    good luck.

  • This seems to be more than a trick lately. There are quite a few people across the country using the strategy to buy a little time to either get their stuff in order and maybe pull out some sort of miracle.

    And if the lenders don’t like it they can just produce the note and get on their way.

  • lester

    What if my lender has already gotten a sale date from the courts? For example, i only have 20 days left before m sale date. Can “produce the note” help me out by stopping the sale date from my lender

  • Aaron

    You charge $300 to comp out an already completed appraisal? That’s the same price as a getting a new appraisal. I smell something rotten.

  • Jessica Simon

    Here is a bunch of videos that I found that explain how to go about the ‘produce the note’ strategy in a brain-dead simple way:

  • Vic Perdomo

    I am a victim of mortgage fraud, we were taken off title in July of 2007 and now facing eviction on the 17th of may. I have filed formal complaints with every agency from the presidents office down…No help as of yet. Is there any thing that can be done in my case…feed back appreciated