Cool Blogs That I Should Link To

People used to say that links are the currency of the blogosphere. But I've been slacking and my blogroll doesn't accuratetly reflect what I read. So here are some blogs I read from time to time. It's always good to poke around and get new ideas.

Marketing Eye – scroll down and check out the comments section of the post on marketing books.

Proven Ways to Get New Customers – Harry is cool and I really need to read his blog more.

CRM Blog – a new blog, but good stuff for those of you interested in this niche.

Monty's Bluff – John has a PhD in management and a newly redesigned site.

And of course, the blog that has become my #1 favorite blog over the last few months, MindHacks. Very cool stuff. Read it daily to find out why our brains aren't what we think they are.

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