Cool Tools on the New Blog

I'm starting get used to my new home here at CW. I asked Torsten to give me full RSS feeds for awhile (apparently, Adam Kalsey skyped him as well to talk about it), and they have gladly replied. I don't know if they will stay, because CW has had problems with link scraping, but for now, we will see how it goes. But seriously, with all the new cool tools available, you should click through and read the site anyway.

If you check out the bar below each post, you can vote on whether or not you like a certain post, you can subscribe to a newsletter, you can post this to Digg, or you could even blog it on your own blog from my comment section. That is pretty cool, I think. This is what I was talking about. This is the kind of functionality I should have been adding to the blog all along, but have ignored because I'm too busy with other things.

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Another thing is that I've given CW permission to, on occasion, publish other writers on this blog. I think a different voice from time to time is a good thing, and if you want to write something, you could even get paid.