Corporate Blogging

More evidence of the growing popularity of weblogs.

There is a sense that blogging is about to explode in the business area, but who's brave enough to do it yet?" asks Halley Suitt, director for client development at Yaga Inc., a company in San Francisco offering a payment technology for Web sites. She is also a blogger, at halleyscomment "Many early bloggers were wild entrepreneurial types," she added, but now the phenomenon is drawing "more legitimate executives."

One who is brave enough – or senior enough – is Alan M. Meckler, the chief executive of Jupitermedia in Darien, Conn., a technology market research firm. Jupitermedia is planning a conference called the Computer Digital Expo, to be held in Las Vegas in November, to compete with the huge Comdex show. In February, Mr. Meckler began keeping a blog ( that he describes as "a diary of the ups and downs of trying to do something monumental."

Cool. Pretty soon people will exchange blog URLs instead of email addresses.