Corporate Turkey Awards

It's that time of year, and Allan Sloan has picked the biggest turkey moves of the past year. My favorite

And now, our final turkey goes to the America Online ad campaign. That's the one that showed lines of angry customers outside AOL offices, with the company granting their demands for a better Internet. To me, the ads might as well have said, "Our customers know we ignore them, so we'll show how much we value them." It's like Fox News calling itself "fair and balanced" when it knows so many people consider it to be neither. AOL says it was showing people unhappy with the Internet, not with AOL. But that's not how people outside AOL would view it. It's certainly not how I saw it.

I think Sears' strategy to sell more appliances (from earlier this year) has to get an honorable mention. I still think they are missing the mark. They are a retailer with no identity outside of tools. Feel free to leave a comment if you know other companies that should get turkey awards.

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