Corporations That Are Taking Over The World


Corporations play a major role in controlling nearly every aspect of our lives whether we like to acknowledge it or not. It is easy to say that corporations run the world in many ways. However, it is not really a vast network of individual companies who are influencing what we eat, what we watch, and the products that we purchase. It is actually a small number of massive corporations who own the businesses that we use on a daily basis. Each of these mega-corporations work behind the scenes, acquiring massive amounts of money annually.

When it comes to the foods and liquids that enter our system, you can count on the fact that a substantial part of people’s diets all over the world include products by the following organizations. Pepsico has a major hold on the snack industry, controlling entities such as Doritos, Lipton, and select parts of Starbucks. Tyson has a strong hold over the organizations that provide fast food to families on the go everywhere. They are the world’s largest processor and supplier of chicken products among other things. Kroger, IGA, KFC, and Wendy’s all fall under this corporation’s influence.

The media that we consume on a daily basis is just as monopolized as any other part of society as well. Comcast works with billions of dollars on a regular basis, owning the MLB network, MSNBC, and Xfinity. Time Warner also has a considerable influence over the entertainment on which we live. They control HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and Time, gathering in $29.8 billion dollars annually. Just behind Time Warner is the Disney Company. They exercise control over ABC, Pixar, Lucas Film, and Touchstone Pictures.

The world certainly could not function without the use of oil. There are major players all over the world who control the barrels flowing to individual nations in addition to the price that is being paid for these products. Within the United States, Exxon Mobile is the biggest name, producing 5.3 billion barrels per day and making $40 billion in profits annually. In Iran, the National Iranian Oil Company produces 6.4 million barrels every day and is state-owned. The largest producer of oil is in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco produces 12.5 million barrels and is worth over a billion dollars.


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