Could You Fail 5000 Times And Still Remain Upbeat?


James Dyson spent 15 years and 5,126 failures before he created the vacuum cleaner he wanted. His main lesson is one worth taking to heart:

It can take a very long time to develop interesting products and get them right. But our society has an instant- gratification thing. We admire instant brilliance, effortless brilliance. I think quite the reverse. You should admire the person who perseveres and slogs through and gets there in the end.

I think most of the time, "instant brilliance" is really just lucky timing.

  • I think this is so true. i read this book called “10 faces of Innovation” written by IDEO Marketing reps, and they mention that it took Hoover Vacuum 5007 unsuccessful prototypes before he got the suction to work.

    Don’t give up on inventing ideas of products, because your 101th try could be the BREAKTHROUGH!

  • I admire his courage and determination. He surely had the heart to continue pursuing his goal no matter how many times he failed. Any normal individual will certainly stop after 3 failures or so.

  • He certainly had his mind and heart set in to achieving his goal. It may be frustrating to fail so many times, but I guess he used his failure as a motivator

  • I think it’s only normal for inventors to keep on going even though they have failures. Aside from the fact that they use their failures to improve their work, they also need to finish their work inorder to earn money.

  • I personally would much prefer to purchase a product or service off someone who failed 5,000 times and learnt the lesson of how to make the successful version, than someone who came along and happened to succeed…but doesnt know why.