Counterintuitive Distribution – Why Uploading Your Video to YouTube May Be a Waste of Time

We upload Daily Idea to several video sites, and we run a weekly report about how many times each show has been viewed. Today's report showed something interesting. Below is a list of where our views come, on a percentage basis.

  • Blip 50%
  • Metacafe 21%
  • Revver 11%
  • Yahoo 7%
  • YouTube 3%
  • Others 17%

Yes, you saw that correctly. We get more views on Yahoo video than we do on YouTube.

Why does this happen? I assume it has to do with the massive number of videos on youtube. Since it is the most popular site by far, it gets the most content submissions. Thus the odds of someone finding that video you submitted are like the odds of finding the needle in the haystack. If your video gets popular on YouTube, you probably get an amazing number of views, but with so much content, it's unlikely people will find you on their own.

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So if you produce video content, the way to get the most people to watch it is to submit it somewhere other than the most popular video site on the web. Counterintuitive for sure, but on closer examination, it makes sense. When you are a needle, and you want to get the word out, don't start by jumping into haystacks.