CPHosting Review – Bad For Your Business

If you are looking for a good web host to run your online business, look somewhere besides CPHosting.com

I’m a big believer that it’s important to share horror stories about bad web hosts in the hopes that they will either go out of business or improve their services. That’s why I’m sharing this review.

CPHosting is basically a shared server environment like most of the web hosts on the Internet. What makes them particularly bad isn’t their technology but the way they treat their customers and their overall level of downtime.

From the first moment I started using CP Hosting .com I noticed that half the time I visited my sites they would be down and I’d have to try to get support. The support staff was always slow to respond and rarely listened to me before taking a demeaning attitude. Treating your customers so poorly is a terrible way to run a business and I hope that by writing this review, others will learn from my mistake and avoid this company.

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I’m a forgiving person, and I understand that no web host is perfect, but when it comes to CPHosting.com I would say you should definitely stay way.

  • tom


    Without a warning my reseller account was cancelled with 12 days notice. Had to move 70 accounts. Below are the emails I got after being a customer 7 years.

    FYI. Here is the customer service CPHosting offers its longtime clients…

    9/13/09 – we will not host your accounts for less then $50 / month.

    9/15/09- Please visit this page to see our dedicated server offerings …


    CX1 server

    Price: $230 / Month

    One time Setup: $199

    will be good for you. Or if you want you keep server freedom which will cost you $300/month + $300 one time setup fees. If you decide to keep server freedom, you don’t need to do anything and continue to host your accounts.

    9/16/09 – You can continue hosting with us for $50 / month (do not include ip addresses). Please let me know your dicision so that we start moving your accounts to another server. Server FREEDOM will be terminated on Sep 29 2009. There will be no downtime during the move and you or your clients will not notice anything.

    9/17/09- We will not be able to host your web site on dedicated server or anything, you have only 12 days left before you move your web sites to any other web host.