This Week’s Crazy Jobs


This week’s jobs have more of an international flavor, proving that the bizarre doesn’t end at the border. Here’s a Friday trivia question for you: If you had to choose one, would you rather be an oil company PR rep or comment spammer? Why?

1) Moscow: Oil & Gas Rep to Work with Companies in Russia

We are seeking a qualified person M/F to assist our company with helping with public relations with oil and gas wholesalers in the UK. We are setting up and needing verified sellers to place our orders with. We also provide to US clients: Short-Term Business Credit, Petroleum Products.

We will not require any selling or prospecting. Just be part of the team and lend a hand when needed. If you have experience in the below or have connections in the industry trade, please write us.

A public relations rep for an oil company? Do they provide lynchproof suits for tough crowds?

2) Pakistan: Web Ad Posters Needed needs Virtual Assistants to post ads for clients.
We give you ads to post to sites.
Pay: $10 per 100 ads posted
PLUS $10 per client sale
Work as fast as you want. We pay multiple times. Compensation: $10 per 100 Ads Posted

In the United States, we call this “comment spamming,” and it is greatly frowned upon. In Pakistan, it is a career opportunity.

3. Paris, France: Greeter for Rental Agency

Small apartment rental company seeks for a person with great communication skills and an outstanding personality to meet and greet clients upon their arrival to Paris. Job requires flexible hours, available weekends and evenings. English a must, other languages are a plus.

Only serious applicants apply. You must be reliable, honest, dress well and very positive.

Smirking, staring incredulously, ignoring customers, and speaking to them only in rapid-fire French would greatly help your chances of being hired.

4. Poland: Stick This Where It Counts!

Stick this where it counts – IN THE BANK! This thing has you making money within fast! $2,000 to $4,000 A Week Real Cash! Anyone Can Do This

As far as catchy titles for shady get-rich-quick schemes go, this one’s a winner.

5. California: Credible Shopper

How Automation is Changing Jobs, Careers, and the Future Workplace

It is another big opportunity of getting paid in the due course of evaluation all through America and her various states. In this course of job offer, you are to critically evaluate and give detailed analysis on customer related issues in a wide variety of stores, shops and general enterprise in your area. Extremely credible, absolutely stress free. Transparent schedules, less work, big pay, no experience of any sought is required. It is your own opportunity. DON’T MISS OUT.

In a weird way, this is the most eloquent mystery shopper job ad I’ve ever seen.

6. Napa Valley: Grape Sampler

Under the direction of the Grower Relations Manager, obtain grape samples from estate and/or outside grower’s vineyards. Process grape samples and analyze them for basic chemistries.

• Must know/learn location of vineyard sample blocks and independently schedule own route from a daily assignment list.
• Must note and advise grape management/winemaking staff of unusual vineyard conditions.
• May include recordkeeping/reporting.

High school education/viticulture coursework preferred. Must have clean DMV record.

Let grape samples ferment in a large oak barrel after use. Add yeast and fining agents. One year later, enjoy.

7. Vietnam: Administrative Assistant In Need

Hi. We are looking for an effective and reliable administrative assistant. Basic computer literacy is a must. Salary ranges from $5-$8 per hour. We will only entertain those who are serious and apparently show interest for the job.

Assistant must appear, want, or plan to be in need before we will consider hiring them.

8. Scotts Valley, CA: Trivia DJ

Looking for a talented DJ to host a weekly Trivia night in an outdoor venue at a popular restaurant in Scotts Valley. Must have experience and a great personality.

I wonder if you can make a living being a traveling trivia DJ, hitting up various locales’ trivia nights 7 days a week and raking in enough money for a 4-month vacation…

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.