Creating The Perfect Landing Page: The ANATOMY For Success

Anatomy of the Landing Page

A proper landing page can capture leads, educate customers about your company or a single brand, and even generate social interest. However, throwing together a stale or outdated landing page can also cause customers to flee from your product and offer different suggestions to their social media followers.

SmartBug Media has created an infographic to remind us of the essentials of an effective landing page.

The biggest takeaway from the infographic is that comment sense plays a big role in your pages success. You need to create a compelling headline and then follow it up with clear instructions. Make sure to back up your landing page with strong testimonials and insert strong images that resonate with your audience.

Here are a few more essential landing page requirements:

  • Add Social Sharing Icons
  • Remove Site Navigation: 
  • Build a Form That Makes Sense For Your Audience
  • Include Bullet Points
  • Convey The Value Of The Offer

Anatomy Of The Landing Page