Credibility and Authority

If you liked my post Does Quality Really Matter Anymore, and if you think the popularity doesn't always equal quality, you may enjoy this debate between David Berlind and rob_businessert Scoble. I'm not taking sides, but I found David's most recent post conclusion fitting.

Finally, the irony in all of this is that it was sparked by rob_businessert Scoble's evaluation of an engine (Technorati) that tries to gauge the the authority of bloggers (relative to other bloggers) and his blog happens to have a pretty high ranking: 33rd out of over 13,000,000 blogs. This blog, Between the Lines, is ranked no. 2,421. They say the truth will set you free. Yeah. Free to roam around the long tail. Go figure. Of course, that's a ranking of authority. How does authority relate to credibility? You tell me.

The blogosphere is supposed to give power back to the little guy, but has it really? Or have we just moved from following big media to following big bloggers?

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