Credit Crunch (“CC”) is Now Officially Office Jargon in UK

You’ve heard it at least a thousand times in the media. Now, it’s time to listen to the word “credit crunch” used in office situations, too. The Daily Telegraph reports on new jargon in the UK:

Reflecting travel, favourites include “clocking real mileage”, meaning a really strong idea, “reaching the blue ocean of success”, or reaching a goal, and “get a helicopter view by turning 360 and then circling back to your colleagues”, or taking a step back.

Other jargon includes “Down to that level of granularity” which means attention to detail, while feeling “stressurised” is a combination of being under pressure and stress at the same time.

A list of new office jargon:

The two CC’s (credit crunch and current climate)
Clocking real mileage (a really strong idea)
A high altitude view (taking a step back)
Reaching the blue ocean of success (reaching a goal)
Get a helicopter view by turning 360° and then circling back to your colleagues (taking a step back)
Let’s run that idea up the flag pole and see if it flies (try out an idea)
Picking the low-lying fruit (a quick win)
Down to that level of granularity (detail)
Let’s touch base about that offline (have a chat face-to-face)
Feeling stressurised (under pressure and stress)
Strategic staircase (a plan for the future)
Better not let the grass grow too long on this one (act quickly).

I’m stressurised about my strategic staircase, so I’d better not let the grass grow too long on this one. Ugh.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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