Customer Service: A Missed Opportunity

I flew back from Miami on American Airlines. Personally, I hate plane travel because I am 6'2" and feel cramped on planes, and I don't like to sit still for hours at a time, so regardless of how pleasant the rest of the experience is, I rarely have anything nice to say about airline travel.

An interesting thing happened on my flight – they ran out of snacks. No big deal, because I wasn't hungry anyway. What I found interesting is how the flight attendant responded. She offered those of us that didn't get a snack, the opportunity to buy a box of food for $3.00. In my opinion, this was a bad move. Maybe she thought she would get kudos for selling more of those boxes than normal, but I think AA policy should be to give out those boxes for free if they run out of snacks. Or at minimum let passengers pick one snack out the box to eat.

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Customers like to feel special. They like perks. They like it when they know someone went out of the way to provide a pleasant experience. Go beyond the call of duty any time you can. AA would have spend $50 extra on that flight if they gave away food to those of us that didn't get a snack, but they would have made a very positive impression. Don't miss those opportunities in your own business.