Customer Service at Fazolis – A Good or Bad Change?

My favorite type of food is Italian. Thus, I frequently eat at Fazolis, a very good fast food Italian restaurant. Fazolis is based in Lexington, KY (which is where I went to college) so there are 7 or 8 restaurants there and I became very familiar with them. One of the things I love about Fazolis is the free breadsticks. They send a person around to all the tables about every 10-15 minutes with a basket full of bread sticks, and you can take as many as you want. When you order, it takes a few minutes to get most of your food, and the breadstick person delivers it to your table (you get a number to set out, which matches the number on your receipt) in between trips with the breadstick basket.

Fazolis recently changed their procedures. I ate there last night and now when you order they give you a coaster-thing that flashes and buzzes when your food is ready, then you pick it up at a different counter. I don't know if all of them do it this way now, but the one on Breckenridge Lane in Louisville does. My question: is this a good business move, or not?From a process standpoint, it probably makes things easier, decreases labor costs, and ultimately decreases the confusion of sometimes delivering the wrong food to the wrong table. From a customer service standpoint, you now have to get up and go get your food, which is less friendly than someone bringing it to your table. But then again, maybe you ultimately get it quicker because your order isn't sitting on the counter while someone roams the restaurant trying to find and deliver order #23 before they get to yours. So what is the call in this situation? Is it a good or bad move? Have any of you eaten at Fazolis, and if so what do you think about the change?

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