David Krug Interview: Ecommerce vs. Content Monetization

There are tons of ways to make money online, but few people have made the kind of shift that entrepreneur David Krug has. I recently had the opportunity to talk with David about his new online wood products business, Gold Creek LLC. David is a well known online personality who has successfully launched, promoted and sold dozens of websites. He initially rose to fame as the snarky blogger of Jack Of All Blogs during its heydey. After focusing on content and content monetization for nearly a decade, David has refocused his efforts towards niche-product e-commerce. His current business sells a variety of wood products such as log siding, interior wood doors and custom kitchen cabinets.

In this interview we ask David about his wood products business and the reasons for his move away from publishing and into niche e-commerce.

1. Could you explain the basic idea behind your business?

I've always viewed myself as a networker. So basically this is just another step in that direction. I'm connecting people in need of products with people who have products. We live in an amazing era of life where one guy working at home can help connect hundred and thousands of people daily with companies who have products they need. The core of the business is basically to connect people together. Our focus is wood products because we like them.

2. As someone who has acheived a certain level of fame as blogger and SEO artist, what motivated you to start this business? Why have you moved away from content and into products?

Well basically I saw an opportunity because of having the right connections. I saw it as a more legit form of business that was less murky and had great rewards. I could care less about fame.

3. Tell us a little about your plans to work with Habitat for Humanity. Why'd you choose to work with them?

Long term I think Habitat for Humanity is a great organization that cares about people and helps fulfill the need for affordable housing and helping people overcome poverty. Working with them fulfils the mantra of this organization and starting with that from the very beginning ensures that our philosophy remains until long after the founder's are gone.

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4. What do you say to those who view this as a bad business move. Giving away 5% of your profits, rather than re-investing it back into the company, could easily be viewed as a business handicap.

You could be right. But in the long run I'd rather build a business that is people focused rather than just profit focussed. Focusing first on how to do a better job of connecting people rather than just making a buck. My personal belief is if you focus on the people aspects first the profits and profit opportunities will be there in the long run.

5. Why did you choose to work with wood products?

It was all about connections. I had some good reliable friends in the wood working business so I decided to move into it.

6. By operating out of Montana, haven't you limited your market to the Western United States? Doesn't the cost of shipping heavy materials make it prohibitive to work with anyone East of the Mississipi?

Well over time we will expand to have better location distributors so if someone was from NY ordering doors we would have a local distributor of our products ship to the east coast thus cutting out costs that would normally be passed on to the customer. Again its a matter of focusing on what the customers need.

7. Do you have any tips for someone looking to start an online business? Where do you see the best opportunity right now?

I believe eCommerce is still the number one opportunity right now. Just like it was when the internet first started. Remain focused on people and the profits will follow.

8. Based in Montana, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the current wildfire disaster there?

Global Warming Sucks.

9. Any closing thoughts or parting words of wisdom?

Determination and showing up every single day is what breeds success online. Just do it, Baby!