Death in the Workplace: Could your job kill you?

Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world are also some of the lowest paying jobs in the world.

Could your job kill you?
Source: Become Career

Transportation related deaths are the number one cause of death in the workplace, followed by assaults and violent acts. Machine related deaths and falling (from roofs and ladders) are the next two most common causes of death. 92% of all work related deaths happen to men.

Deadliest Low Paying Jobs

10. Traveling Sales Workers / Truck Drivers
9. Pilots/Flight Engineers
8. Farmers/Ranchers
7. Coal Miners
6. Roofers
5. Garbage/Recycling Collectors
4. Crop Workers
3. Quarry/Explosives Workers and Derrick Operators
2. Loggers
1. Fisherman

Safest Jobs

5. Servers
4. Food Preparers
3. Librarians
2. Secretaries
1. Miscellaneous Sales

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