Dell’s services division being sold to NTT for $3 billion

Dell Systems

Dell is selling its IT services company to NTT Data for $3.05 billion.

When Dell announced its massive $67 billion acquisition of EMC, the company promised to help finance the debt that will be acquired along with the company.

Dell acquired Perot Systems for $3.9 billion in 2009, that acquisition would ultimately become its IT services division, known as Dell Systems.

According to TechCrunch, Dell was hoping to find a buyer in the range of $5 or $6 billion. No buyers based on the immediacy of the deal came forward to outbid NTT.

NTT will use the Dell Systems acquisition to help expand its client base into new regions. Dell Systems is mostly operating in North America with a focus on the health sector.

NTT Data has been on an acquisition spree to help with its expansion. The company acquired Dimension Data in South Africa and Keane Inc. in the US.

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We will likely continue to see Dell offload more of its side businesses as it continues to fund its massive EMC acquisition.,

Written by Franklin Simmons

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