Delta Airlines has dropped several hated fees

Delta Airlines phone fee

Delta Airlines is ditching two fees that have long been an annoyance for the airlines customers.

When booking flights over the phone the Atlanta-based airline will no longer charge $25 per ticket. Delta Airlines will also ditch the $35 per ticket charge that is levied when a flier purchases their ticket directly at the airport.

“This — and every decision we make — is based on engaging with our customers and employees every day,” said Charisse Evans, Delta’s (DAL) vice president, reservation sales and customer care, in a statement.

Delta wasn’t alone in charging a phone fee. Charges are still levied by United and JetBlue.

Airlines have become notorious for tacking on fees. American Airlines charges even for the first checked bag. Other airlines charge for more leg room, drinks, cancellations, and even carry-on bags.

The move by Delta arrives one day after the company announced net income of $946 million or $1.21 per share, beating expectations for the company’s stock.

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Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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