Denny’s Rockstar Menu Brings Sellout Bands’ Favorite Late-Night Meals to the Masses

Via Wired’s Scott Thill:

Starting Tuesday night, a whole new echelon of the art/commerce merge arrives when late-night diner Denny’s inaugurates its Dr. Pepper-bankrolled Rockstar Menu with the help of Eagles of Death Metal, Taking Back Sunday, The All-American Rejects and more.

Menu items include:

“Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries” by Taking Back Sunday

Starting with a plate of classic fries, they loaded on layers of cheese, hamburger, tomato, pickles, bacon and onion until they were all satisfied then topped it all off with ketchup and mustard.

“Plain White Shake” by Plain White T’s
Combining vanilla ice cream, an entire piece of cheesecake, whipped cream and white chocolate chips, the boys from Chicago have created heaven in a glass.

“The All-American S.O.S.” by The All-American Rejects

The guys took the reigns with a plate of grilled Texas toast and hashbrowns and added the works to it with hamburger, cheese, grilled onions and sausage gravy topping it all off.

“Heart On A Plate” by Eagles of Death Metal

With custom heart-shaped pancakes, he added raspberry sauce, hot fudge, strawberries, white chocolate chips and whipped cream to satisfy your sweet tooth’s desire. Add in a side of bacon and eggs cooked to order, and this is sure to beat any late night craving.

Many may soon know the bands more by their taste in cholesterol-infused stoner dinners than by their music. Which, by the way, you can hear in Wendy’s ads, Pontiac GTO ads, and Payless Shoe Source ads.

Selling out at the diner is weird. But as far as cross-branding goes, the eat-your-musician territory has already been tread. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus has her own line of food products. Ben & Jerry’s has Phish Food and Jerry Garcia (created in honor of the artists, not by them).

It’s just a matter of time before frozen Buffalo Springfield Burgers and Jelly Beans of the Stone Age hit the shelves.

  • This is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of. As a former Denny’s hostess (Mother Butler era, 9pm – 4am thank you very much)I predict this will be a hit. Makes me want to hit the Big D right now!

  • Murph

    This is hysterical! I love the concept. I’m a big fan of the Plain White T’s (they have an online show called “Meet Me in California” that I’m obsessed with) and ironically, I’m also a huge fan of milkshakes. How can I lose!? I mean, come on, there’s an entire piece of cheesecake mixed in!

  • Update – ate the Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries on the Strip in Vegas last Thursday! Talk about a gut bomb! The waitress seemsed a little shocked that I actually ordered it, and she told us it gave the kitchen a little trouble. I got the feeling I was the first taker. I suggest you get some tartar sauce for dipping. When the waitress asked me afterwards how it was, I told her, “Disgusting – in a good way.”

  • Drea

    Lela, that is so friggin’ rock and roll.

  • Hhh

    So, really EoDM?
    You’re gonna be sellouts?

    And, really everybody else?
    You support this???

    It’s a sad fucking day when I see Josh Homme, not only with the likes of these LOSER bands but, on a fucking Denny’s menu.


    This is actually upsetting.