Design an Organization – Win $200

For those of you that haven't seen TBE in awhile, the product, Askspace, will launch in a few weeks. Once that happens, there needs to be an operating plan. A $200 reward awaits the person that can write a couple of pages about how the key decisions get made. We are thinking about some fluid distributed kind of setup, but all options are open. Plans are due (keep them short and high level) by March 5th. Check out this post for more information.

  • Jason

    Hey Rob,

    At the risk of displaying my considerable ignorance, is there a page where I can find out more about what exactly askspace does? I’ve poked around TBE a bit, but it seems to focus more on the process behind building askspace then the product itself. Or maybe I’ve just missed something totally obvious.

  • Rob

    Good question. I’m not sure, but that is a good thing to post. I’ll see if the executive team has anything.

  • Rob

    Two answers from the site:

    [wisdom of crowds 2] is an online consulting business that facilitates transactions between small business owners seeking advice and consultants who provide it. This advice is made more valuable to the customer by tapping into the same principles that allow market indices to outperform individual stockpickers over the long term – the wisdom of crowds.

    From the customer’s point of view, here’s how the process would look:

    1 Log into the [wisdom of us 2] website
    2 Post a question
    3 Post background information about the business, market, etc
    4 Select a level of service, choosing from several price points
    5 Process payment
    6 Within the specified timeframe, receive the requested # of answers to the question
    7 Rate the answers

    Engaging [wisdom of us 2] will let small business owners get valuable advice that would otherwise be beyond their reach, and provide a mechanism to differentiate good advice from bad.


    “AskSpace” will be a shallow type of consultation/feedback/suggestion service. A client may ask “How can I best market product ‘X'”. A group of experts will discuss the pRoblem and give an executive summary and transcript of the discussion.