Did Minimum Wage Hikes Kill Stock Market Returns?

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Probably not, but as long as Mother Jones is throwing out irrelevant data about how the rich get richer, I figure I would point out one thing. They say

ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION, the federal minimum wage has fallen 42% since its peak in 1968.

If you look at a graph of the minimum wage, it went up a lot from 1965-1982. That time period is also know for having 0% growth in the DJIA. I am doubtful the two are related, but I wanted to point out to Mother Jones that I can throw out useless statistics too. I guess they are hoping that naive readers will draw their own conclusions and fill in the blanks with pseudologic. I'm not saying the title of their article is wrong, but I am saying that their random list of data is not very convincing.

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