Digg: Your Source For Week Old News

Check out how awesome Digg is. I just realized that the main page of their business section has stories that were posted more than a week ago, and page 2 has stories posted 20+ days ago. Now I see why Digg is worth several million dollars. Where else can you find the stuff that everyone else was talking about in October? (I think someone might need to tweak that ranking algorithm just a bit.)

  • Rob
    I am disappointed. You have completely missed the power of the Conventional Wisdom of Crowds. If you wanted to see something important, you should have gone to Entertainment or Gaming. These areas seldom have day-old stories on the first page.
    By the way, this morning, I read your chapter in “More Space”. I think your thoughts provide a great explanation for the content lag on Digg.
    Take care…
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