Disney ‘After Hours’ experiment has come to a quick end

Disney After Hours

Disney After Hours is no longer available to customers willing to pay $149 a ticket.

The program allowed customers to pay for the privilege to ride nearly two dozens rides after the Magic Kingdom’s most popular attractions had closed for day guests.

Through six Thursdays in April and May and on Mother’s Day — Disney was hoping that affluent theme park buffs would pay up for access to rides, attractions, and complimentary ice cream novelties and soft drinks with minimal wait times.

It turns out that the high price of admission scared away most Disney superfans.

Troubles for Disney After Hours began almost immediately. First, the park had to give free tickets to bloggers, travel agents, and some Disney Vacation Club members in order to sell out the first night of the program.

The company then started offering Disney park holders and Disney Vacation Club timeshare members tickets for just $75.

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Disney After Hours managed just a six-week run before its failure led to the ultimately decision to end the new program and move on.

In the meantime, Memorial Day weekend starts the summer travel season for the theme park operator. The parks close later on those nights, making an after-hours event pretty irrelevant and logistically difficult.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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