Disney Bans Selfies Sticks From Amusement Parks All Over The World

Disney Bans Selfie Sticks

Disney has banned selfie sticks, also known as stupid sticks, from its theme parks located all over the world. The company cites a major safety hazard for its decision to remove the popular self-portrait apparatuses from its various locations.

The ban started after teenagers began sneaking the selfie sticks onto Disney roller coasters.

A Disney Spokeswoman told The Orlando Sentinel that park-goers will be banned from bringing selfie sticks at all park locations. Those locations include Disneyland in California, Disneyworld in Hong Kong, Paris, and Orlando. If you get caught trying to bring it inside, you’ll have to return the stick to your room or car, or you’ll have to turn it in and then pick it up on your way out, along with your dignity.

Visitors caught with a selfie stick will have to return the device to their room or car. They will also be able to turn in their stick and pick it up when leaving the park.

To make visitors aware of the selfie stick ban, the entertainment company has started placing signs like this one around their parks.

Selfie Stick Ban - Disney Theme Park Locations

At first officials only banned selfie sticks from roller coasters. Officials were worried that the sticks could be dropped on the track, causing a major catastrophe. In many cases rollercoaster riders were attempting to take their own picture while riding the parks roller coasters.

Want to buy a photo of yourself riding Big Thunder? It looks like you will still have to pony up $20 to your friends at The Walk Disney Company.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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