Diversify, Even When it’s Weird


  • John

    My dad met someone once whose whole family was involved in the family farm. Beyond that, they all had separate professions: accountant, lawyer, doctor, etc. to secure their income streams. They all contributed their unique talents to running the farm and were generally in a good position regardless of the economy or farming conditions.

  • Funny, although I think a farmer would excel at all three those things. Consider that they might be in the middle of nowhere, so when a tractor or car breaks down they will have to fix it themselves or wait forever for a mechanic. Secondly, if anything, a farmer will be able to tell you all about risk and return when it comes to money. Farmers take enormous risks (buying seeds, working the land, planting etc – all on the hope that it *might* rain and they can get a return.) Maybe they don’t strike it lucky each harvest, but when they do times are good. It definately beats sitting on your bum doing nothing! Lastly, and maybe it’ just me, but my nan used to make the best pumpkin pie – and she lived on a farm! There, simple :)