Do CEOs Make Good Politicians?


Chief Executive magazine has an interesting look at CEOs that have moved into politics.

"If your only experience was running a company as CEO, you'll find a rude awakening-because you won't have the life experiences to be a credible candidate," said Steve Grossman, CEO of his own marketing company, who ran unsuccessfully for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and served as chairman of the National Democratic Party under President Bill Clinton.

When CEOs win a race, however, then a different dynamic begins to apply: Governing is more like pushing a rope than cracking a whip. "Once you get in office, you have to start to build consensus, and CEOs get startled," Judith Glaser, executive coach and author of The DNA of Leadership, says.

The article has a nice chart with some of the most popular CEOs-turned-politicians, and some notes about their accomplishments in office.