Dockers Free Pants Campaign is a Hit

A chorus of pantsless men sing astride a knoll.

After airing a Super Bowl commercial last night featuring men singing in their underwear, Dockers is giving away free khakis in a a raffle. You enter your name, gender, email address, and ZIP code to enter. Next, you click on an image of khaki pants. They slide away and tell you if you won. If not, you get a coupon code for 15% of a pair of men’s Soft Khakis. You can play every day up to February 15.

The Dockers Free Pants campaign is doing really well. It started by shocking and possibly confusing people with a Super Bowl commercial featuring some not-terribly-attractive men wearing less than you would want.

Next, it lured in Web users with a promise of free pants. Before you get a chance to win those pants, they acquire information about you that will be useful for marketing purposes. If you don’t unclick the default newsletter selection, they also get you on their newsletter.

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Finally, there’s an interactive component. You click on pants and watch them slide away to see if you’ve won. Didn’t win? Why not buy a pair at 15% off, or just keep visiting their website for a week?

It’s a slick combination of TV, Web, and interactive advertising. And it appears to be working very well for Dockers.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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