Does Bill Ford Understand Business?

I'm reading this article (which requires a Time subscription to access online) and I am wondering if Bill Ford has a clue. A green revolution will save Ford? I don't think so. Maybe it will help ease the pain but… here is a radical idea… make cars that people want. Don't make too many, only what you can sell. And finally, be bold and do something with a car that has never been done before.

Granted, these aren't easy steps, but if Ford doesn't start thinking along those lines, they won't have to worry about making cars much longer.

  • If he really thought “green” was the key, then why did he bet so much of his company’s future on large, un-economic vehicles?

    I’ve seen this syndrome before: there’s a Project “X” that will save us at some point in the future; meanwhile, in the day-to-day world, we can keep doing things in our traditional way. Real innovation doesn’t happen this way.

  • Talking green is sexy, all the celebrities are doing it.

    But getting the right product, at the right cost, to the right place, at the right time is complex and complicated. And all the logistics required (not to mention the challenge of mobilizing thousands of associates) is definitely “not sexy.”

    David is right. Ford is following the “Three Envelopes” strategy to a tee (T).

  • Bill

    Talking green and understanding how to implement green are two different aspects. The equations and mathematics behind the higher order thinking, while outside of most people’s abilities, is never the less, an aspect that might help civilization, not just Ford. To watch a corporation think this way is a lift, thought some have been doing it for a while. Some insightful governments and communities have even reinstalled light rail and are looking forward to service in “rural areas, remote but real.

  • J Klein

    I share your wondering. He seems to have no clue about what is to be done.