Does Google Have Weak Management?

With Google in the news so much due to the IPO, Businessweek Online is asking the question: Does its management team have the right kind of smarts to run a public company?

All told, its intensely scrutinized transformation from private company to public has left some investors and analysts concerned about Google's leadership. "These guys are challenging and difficult," says one investment banker not involved in the offering. "One thing the market absolutely finds a way to crush is arrogance."

Already, some are mulling whether Google needs a management overhaul. Martin Pyykkonen, analyst at Janco Partners, believes the search kingpin would be better off taking the day-to-day reins from Google's founders and handing them to a more operationally savvy executive, perhaps one or two years from now. "It'll be important to bring in the right leaders at the right time," he says.

I've said before that Google shouldn't go public because it will destroy their culture. Too many investors want short-term results, and companies sometimes strive for them at the expense of long-term gains.

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