Does Sex Sell?

Debbie MacInnis thinks you need more than just sex.

Lots of companies use interesting and attention-getting ads with the brand name or major takeaway buried somewhere in the ad – completely divorced from the attention getting element. So what happens? Consumers remember this great ad, but for the life of them have no idea what it was for or who it was by. This is a huge waste of resources.

Advertising won't work if customers don't pay attention to it. What do customers like? Here is what the research has shown.

Consumers pay attention to things that that have implications or consequences for their lives, especially if they appeal to their needs, values, or goals. Mothers, for instance, pay attention to ads that feature kids because kids are relevant to their needs, values, and goals. We also pay attention to people who look, act, or seem like ourselves, perhaps because we think they have similar needs, values and goals, similar problems and perhaps, because they know something we don't.

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